Eureka Chronos

Increase production capacity & profits

Save up to 30% machining time Reduce tool cost, vibrations and power spikes Works with all g-code programs

Looking for a software module to optimize the cutting conditions? Eureka Chronos is the answer!

Eureka Chronos allows to optimize G-code programs while taking into account the tools and workpiece characteristics. All movements are analyzed in order to reduce machining rime and increase tool life. In addition, calculating forces, torque between workpieces and tools, absorbed power, chip thickness and the amount of material removed in the unit of time.

Reduce:  machining time, tooling costs and vibrations.

Increases: part quality, constant material removal, profitability.

Industry 4.0 Ready

A.I. algorithms

Optimization of all G-code programs

Eureka Chronos optimizes the feed rate without changing the trajectory. See below real case where the machining time was reduceded by 22%.

Eureka Chronos sample