Eureka Chronos

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A.I. Feedrate Optimization

What is Eureka Chronos?

Eureka Chronos is a CNC feedrate optimization software developed by Roboris Srl. Chronos optimizes G-code program feedrates using A.I. based algorithms to maintain constant tool engagement and material removal, while maintaining the original CAM programs toolpath geometry. Eureka Chronos is compatible with all popular CAM software.

Why Eureka Chronos?

With your CAM system you have selected your tools, spindle speed and feedrates and have generated an ISO program that works in the machine. However, are you certain that your CAM program’s feed rates are fully optimized?

Eureka Chronos uses the information extracted from the NC program simulation to modulate the feed speed and obtain optimal cutting conditions along the entire toolpath, thanks to a reliable and precise calculation of the cutting conditions.

Chronos delivers outstanding results. Machines run more smoothly with less vibration, and more constant power draw. Tool life is extended up to 2X or more, and machining time can be reduced as much as 30%.

Eureka Chronos has a very easy to use and intuitive UI. Users can also apply the highly automated Artificial Intelligence setting the applies optimal A.I. algorithm’s patented by Roboris

Features & Benefits

> Improved Surface Quality

> Reduced manual post processing

> Longer tool life

> Complete automatic optimization

> Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm’s

> Optimize existing ISO programs

> Compatible with all popular CAM software

Financial impact

Try our online ROI calculator. Insert your data and find out how much you could save.

* The following values are based on feedback received from our customers using Eureka Chronos. The average processing time saved is 15%. Enter your values to estimate your saving using Eureka Chronos

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Eureka Chronos interfaces are available on the most popular CAM systems and tool management software