Eureka G-Code


Essential to minimize time-to-market

Program verification and tool simulation are key elements for applying Agile Manufacturing methodologies and minimize the lead-time of the production process in unattended mode.

With an internal production of strategic parts and formats, mainly on very small batches, or even single pieces, the reduction of program test times and cycle time is of primary importance.

Thanks to the Eureka G-Code simulation you can completely eliminate program tests and with Eureka Chronos you can reduce significantly the cycle time.

Independent simulation with accurate and reliable digital twin

The independent simulation allows you to be 100% sure and avoid programming errors causing collisions and interruption of production with important economic repercussions and risks of delivery delays.

Reliable digital twin for any type of kinematics and controller, including machines with more than 5 axes. You will have a complete collision check, including check between cutting edge and finished piece, and between tool holder and stock being machined, near-miss control between cutting edge and equipment, check for pre-holes for tapping and a verification of the limit switches.

Super accurate comparison

With Eureka you can have highly accurate comparison between machined piece and 3D of the finished one. This tool allows you to compare the CAD model of the finished product directly with the model of the machined blank obtained in simulation to identify and measure any differences, identifying gouges, excesses of material or other inconsistencies.

Cutting conditions check

For example, keep under control the volume removed in the unit of time for long tools that tend to vibrate. Ramp removal control for insert tools.

Eureka Chronos

The Eureka Chronos module optimizes the cutting conditions of the tools by modulating the feed rate. Thanks to an innovative method patented by Roboris, the optimization process is fully automated and the results are extraordinary.

On average, Eureka Chronos users see a reduction in machine time of more than 15%, 2 times greater tool life and a smoother machining with less chatter.

Eureka Chronos is available both integrated with Eureka G-Code for those interested in verifying and optimizing programs, and as standalone product for those needing optimization only.

Some customers

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