Eureka G-code


Eureka performs a complete 3D-simulation of machine tools through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, starting from the G-code.

What is Eureka G-Code?

Eureka G-Code is a best-in-class NC simulation software and a reliable digital-twin for any CNC machine. Eureka simulates the actual G-Code to be sent to the machine, regardless of how it was created, manually or post processed from a CAM system.

Why use Eureka G-Code?

Prove-out the process before going to the shop floor

Prevent crashes and broken tools

A crash during real machining can be disastrous to your manufacturing productivity and very costly to repair. A crash in Eureka costs…nothing!

Eureka G-code verifies the cutting conditions detecting potential issues. For example, if the cutting force is too much and there is a risk of tool breaking.

Financial impact

Technical details

Accurate and realistic simulation

Eureka provides more than just simulation. It analyzes machining results under many scenarios to detect and remove mistakes, reduce production time, while providing machining process reports and time summary sheets. Potential errors such as collisions, over travels and gouging, can be detected ahead of time on your PC. 

Eureka simulates the actual G-Code to be sent to the machine, regardless of how it was created (manually or post processed from a CAD system). With no additional customization, it emulates all of the most popular CNC controls, including Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, Haas, Fagor, Okuma, MoriSeiki, Mazak, Fidia, Selca, Osai, Num and more. Material removal is simulated in real-time, verifying errors like rapid motion contacts and collisions with the design model and fixtures.

Complete analysis of the results

Dimensional analysis on the machined stock. Easily measure diameters, thickness and distances. Comparisons between machined stock and CAD design model. Identify gouges and excess material in 3D to enable analysis from any point of view. Export the machined stock as a high-quality 3D file compatible with any CAD system. Standard and/or user defined reports in PDF or Excel formats. Use reports to prepare quotes or optimize the machining process.

Main features

Simulation of multi-channel, mill-turn machines.

Powerful integrated editor to make real-time modifications of the G-code directly in Eureka, then simulate again without restarting the process.

Material removal simulation.

Additive and hybrid simulation.

Simulation of tool change, head change and pallet change.

Cutting condition analysis.

Emulation of all control functionalities:

G codes and M functions.

Coordinate systems.

Tool radius and length compensation.

Drilling cycles, multiple cycles.

Logical instructions.

Real-time collision detection between all machine parts, stocks and fixtures.

Interactive and automatic tools to insert or modify approach and retract movements between operations.

Emulation of probing routines.

Tool length optimization feature to calculate the minimum tool length for preventing collisions.

Real-time visualization of coordinate systems and tool reference points.

Verification of over-travel limits JOG and MDI functionalities.

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