Eureka G-code


Eureka performs a complete 3D-simulation of machine tools through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, starting from the G-code.

What is Eureka G-code?

Eureka G-Code is a leading NC simulation software and a reliable digital replica for any CNC machine. Eureka simulates the actual G-Code sent to the machine, regardless of how it was created, manually, or post processed from any CAM system.

Thanks to 20 years of experience and development, Eureka G-code is able to emulate all the most popular CNC controls on the market: Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, Haas, Fagor, Okuma, MoriSeiki, Mazak, Fidia, Selca, Osai, Num and many others.

Why Eureka G-Code?

Because it allows you to have a digital replica on your computer of the machines you have in the workshop. You can do all the tests you want, quickly, without risk and without taking the real machine out of production.

Because it allows you to avoid the risks of damaging expensive workpieces, tools breaking and collisions with machine parts such as the spindle, caused by programming errors.

Eureka g-code is also useful for training new staff and allows you to work remotely. Programs for any machine and control can be prepared, simulated and verified even in the absence of the real machine.

Financial impact

Features & Benefits

> Complete digital replica of the actual machine

> Emulation of the same G-code running on the actual controller

> Interfaces for most popular CAD / CAM systems

> Additive and hybrid simulation

> Simulation of tool change, head change and pallet change

> Simulation of sliding head lathes and multi-channel mill-turn

> Simulation of complex cycles and probing operations

> Real-time collision detection and cutting conditions verification

What customers say about Eureka G-code

PFC Brakes

“Eureka software has allowed us to go straight to production on new parts without having to tie up the machine proving out our programs. This would usually take a few hours per part. This has been very beneficial as we are moving 100’s of parts.

– PFC Brakes  Sr. Mfg. Engineer said:

Digitrace Ltd

“we do not run a 5-axis CNC project without first simulating in Eureka”.

– Phil Hilaski – Digitrace  Sr. CADCAM Programmer said:

GZ Programming Solutions, LLC

“Eureka offers a very clean and efficient interface. It’s easy to use and has a very good G-code editor.” He added “I can work on any CNC machine/controller and Eureka lets me build a reliable machine simulation in a short time. The tool building interface is also extremely powerful and straightforward to use.”

Germano Zerbini  –  Sr. Manufacturing Consultant

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