Eureka Robot


Eureka has been leading the robot milling applications arena for many years.

Eureka Robot allows to combine the flexibility of a 6-axes robot with the technology of CNC machine centers for milling, deburring, gluing, washing up to additive manufacturing application.

Eureka has been leading the robot milling applications arena for many years making possible to create models and artistic objects combining the flexibility of a 6 axes industrial robot with the reliable technology of a CNC machining center .

Eureka converts APT code generated by a CAM system into a program for a 6 or more axes robot cell using a dedicated postprocessing module. During the conversion process Eureka calculates the optimal movements of the robots and of the external axes simulating all aspects of the machining.

The software detects problems like singularities, collisions, out of limits and it offers powerful, easy to use tools to overcome them. Collisions are computed taking into account all the parts including the machined stock. The 64 bit version allows very fast processing of files of unlimited size.

Eureka Robot supports any number of external axes (rotary tables, linear rails, etc.), automatic tool changes, multiple spindles, shared motors, fixed tools and robot-mounted parts.

Main features:

  • Realistic 3D simulation of the whole workcell
  • Real time material removal simulation
  • Collisions, singularities and out of limits detection
  • Automatic tool change management
  • Handling of huge tool paths with millions of points
  • Interactive editing of trajectories
  • Automatic robot and external axes movements optimization
  • Powerful visual tools for fixing collisions, singularities and out of limits
  • Machining with disks and blades
  • Machining with the workpiece mounted on the robot and fixed tools
  • Designed for all the industrial robots in the market: ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman, Kawasaki, Staubli, Comau
  • Can be interfaced with the most popular CAD/CAM and tools management systems: ALPHACAM, VISI, RTM, EDGECAM, GO2CAM, CAMWORKS, CREO, MASTERCAM, CIMATRON, GIBBSCAM, DELCAM, WORKNC, TEBIS, ZW3D, TDM, WINTOOL, ZOLLER TMS.