Come see Eureka 8.5 at EMO - Hannover, September 18-23, 2017

September 08, 2017
Two new Eureka Modules will be on display

As an addition to its Eureka Virtual Machining software suite, Roboris will officially introduce two new modules at EMO 2017: “Cutting Conditions Control” and “Tool Path Optimization”.

Cutting Conditions Control

A new sophisticated material removal computing algorithm enables now Eureka to monitor the tool cutting conditions and to raise warnings in case any of the parameters under control are exceeded: Max S, Max F, removed volume per time unit, Power and Torque, Max chip height.

The computation of the actual cutting conditions has required the implementation of a new advanced mathematical model, based on an accurate stock and tools definition and on a reliable simulation of the machine controller.

Graphs are generated to analyze the monitored parameters (Pic. 1).

Tool Path Optimization

This new Eureka module performs an optimization of any ISO or APT program, based on the tools and workpiece specs. All movements in the program are analyzed in order to decrease the machining time and to increase the tool life, computing forces and torque between workpiece and tools, absorbed power, chip thickness and amount of material removed per time unit.

Given the high hourly cost of machining operations, even small time savings can bring significant financial advantages. Besides, less vibration and better surface quality can be achieved.

The optimization can be applied to both “in the air” movements, maximizing speed of any non-cutting movement, and cutting movements. In the latter case, the feed rate is optimized based on several parameters:

  • Maximum cutting speed
  • Max F / Programmed F
  • Material removed per time unit
  • Chip thickness
  • Power
  • Torque


Two graphs show the material removal before and after the optimization. Also, the machining time before and after the optimization are displayed (Pic. 2).


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Hannover, September 18-23, 2017

Hall 25, Booth C16